Nina Tangri
Mississauga - Streetsville

April 04, 2017


Panic is a word to describe what sometimes can be called an irrational fear or as Collins English Dictionary defines panic; panic is a very strong feeling of anxiety or fear, which makes you act without thinking carefully.   Does that remind you of someone or a group?   Unfortunately, this province has been living in a panic state as a direct result of inept or even corrupt government practices for many years.   It seems now that the shoe is on the other foot now, Kathleen Wynne and her government are in a state of panic.


After many years of ramming the Liberal agenda down the throat of the taxpayers of Ontario and ignoring the swell of grassroots discontent on overtaxing, scandals, lost jobs and lost opportunities.   The Liberals believe they have seen the light and are listening to the common people of Ontario the voting public.   After driving countless families into energy poverty through their Green Energy Act by reducing our hydro bills first by 8% starting January 1, 2017, and then a further 17% later.   Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party are in a state of panic.   They fear they are going to lose their grip on power in Ontario, so they are giving discounts on a problem they created with taxpayer’s dollars and our children and grandchildren’s future.   The Liberals have run up the debt in this province to 350 billion dollars and after supposedly balancing the books this year this province will be back into a deficit in the following budget.  Kathleen Wynne's idea of kicking the can down the road with the increased cost of borrowing to give Ontarians a break on energy will heavily burden future generations with unmanageable costs and will further erode the economy of this province.   In making this panicked decision to save votes Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party obviously did not think the ramifications of their actions carefully.   Instead of addressing the problem, The Green Energy Act and its onerous contracts she has tried to bribe the people of Ontario with their own tax dollars.


Was the act of trying to bribe the taxpayers of Ontario with their own money an act of panic?   It certainly was.  Did it work?   The polls indicate it hasn’t as her approval rating at 12% is historically the lowest any premier has ever sunk to.   The options for the Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal party are limited.   They can make promises using taxpayers’ dollars, or Kathleen Wynne can step down as premier.   The one thing that is constant no matter what happens the Liberals will not fix the problem, The Green Energy Act.  The agenda will always be set by the Liberal party not the voters of Ontario.   This province is tired of the scandals, the police investigations, and an inept and wasteful government.   We will no longer be bribed with our own tax dollars. 

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