Nina Tangri
Mississauga - Streetsville

GTA West Volunteer Appreciation Night
June 17, 2017

Last Thursday the MSPC Riding Association board members attended the GTA West Volunteer Appreciation Night hosted by Gila Martow and our very own Nina Tangri. Over 700 volunteers attended and were treated to speeches from their local candidates and a lovely dinner that included a special performance by Xtreme Bhangra.


Our next Premier of Ontario Patrick Brown also attended and personally thanked everyone for all their efforts over the past year and for the year to come. He stressed the need to keep up the hard work if Progressive Conservatives are to form the government in the next election: “…We cannot underestimate the Liberals in this election; they know how to campaign. They promise everything to everyone just before the election to stay in power. Remember the auto insurance break that turned out after to just be a stretch goal? Now it is a cut t hydro costs that will end up costing us far more in the future after the election.”


While the night was a fun filled event that allowed volunteers from across the GTA West it was also the start of something bigger; it was the start of the 2018 election. Many ridings have already begun canvassing and meeting neighbours to hear about their current struggles and their desire for a better Ontario. The time to start helping is now, can we count on you?  

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